Political Agnosticism is Just Ordinary Gnosticism


One response to “Political Agnosticism is Just Ordinary Gnosticism

  1. Amazing article !!! I tend to be leftist but ur argument is beautiful. God actually does care for something as messy as politics and mankind is not left to fend for itself in this area which is crucial for many of us.
    What I like about Xnity is the fact that it revolves about a caring God. Jesus shows that God has a plan for Hiscreation and has not let us alone. It is not a busy God who despises trivial human matters.
    I have to congratulate the Republican 4 acknowledging God in politics.
    People need hope in life and in politics. I only wish left/Democrat were daring enough to embrace God when they shape their politics. It is sad that left voters have to divorce God when they get involved in politics.

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